Rexton Philanthropy - Making a Big Difference to Small Charities

Why Choose Rexton Philanthropy

Rexton Philanthropy enables smaller charities the opportunity to raise much needed funds from Trusts and Foundations. With a wealth of experience in the NFP industry, using our contacts, we can identify, research and apply to Trusts and Foundations on your behalf, with bespoke applications, maximising your chance of a successful approach.


We have been awarded grants for a variety of projects including:


£100,000 for a capital campaign

£90,000 for a playground

£75,000 for a therapies programme

£60,000 for a local stroke club

£45,000 for a minibus

$50,000 (International Award) for a Disability Employment Scheme


“You can be assured Dean will solidly and reliably grow your [Trusts and Foundations] fundraising - having more than doubled ours over a three year period” Richard Franklin, Director of Fundraising, Kisharon